Women’s Golf at The Vines continues to grow

2nd Jun 2021

The first Tuesday of June, every year, has the proud distinction of being Women’s Golf Day. Women and girls, whether they are experienced golfers or having their first hit come together to enjoy a day of fun that has grown to ‘transcend race, religion, language, geography and economic status’.

Women’s Golf Day is now recognised and supported in over 900 locations and 68 countries. The Vines Resort and Country held a huge gathering of 56 lady members and 44 invited guests for their Women’s Golf Day celebrations, all wearing red to mark the occasion.

The day included two nine hole Ambrose events, and a novelty on every hole. These novelties included a windy off the tee, a bindfolded tee off and a list of names of all those that entered the water on the 9th or 17th. Women from the MTI and Gotta Get Golfing classes at The Vines were invited to join the day’s events.

We spoke to The Vines’ Ladies Captain Kerry O’Meara about what the day meant to herself and the other women that attended.

“As the Ladies Captain for the past four years, I have put my hand up to ‘pay it forward’. I began playing in 2003 and golf has given me so much, I love the game, I have made so many wonderful friends and of course the 19th hole!”

“I would like to thank the Management, Operations and my Ladies’ Committee on always being accommodating and for coming up with new ideas. Ladies golf is growing every week here at The Vines”.

Kerry even explained the new golf format they came up with especially for the day, should you want to copy it!

Players 1-4 on the card roll a dice and if you get that number you take that drive, roll a 5 then you take the worst drive, roll a six and you take the best drive.

“A great way to take the pressure off the 45 handicappers getting three drives, they almost always got their chance at it three times!” continued Kerry. We think she may be onto something here!

For those looking to continue the growth of their golf game or to get involved in the social side of the game, our Rural Bronze competition will be held between the 25th and 27th of June at the Jurien Bay Country Golf Club. Entries close on the 16th of June.