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Host a GolfWA regional event

GolfWA regional events

If you have a beautiful course and club facilities to be proud of, why not consider putting yourself forward to host a GolfWA regional event?

GolfWA is always on the lookout for clubs to host our major, annual regional events, which are amongst our best-supported competitions of the year with well in excess of 100 participants. The events we’re seeking host clubs for in 2025 and beyond are: –

There are many advantages that come with hosting a GolfWA Tournament, some of which include: –

  • Additional source of revenue for your club
  • Potential new member pool
  • Club promotion on GolfWA website through the Events & Tournaments and Fixtures pages
  • Post- and pre-event club promotional articles on the GolfWA website and newsletter
  • Promotion on GolfWA social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram
  • Use of the marketing and event collateral created by the GolfWA marketing team
  • Improve club sponsorship opportunities
  • Promotion of volunteerism and club spirit!

Please submit your club’s expression of interest through the form below. If you have any queries, email GolfWA Operations Manager Neil Goddard, or phone 08 9367 2490.

Criteria for host venue consideration


  • Shown support of the selected Championship(s) over the past 4 years. Adequate accommodation for approximately 120 – 180 players, within a reasonable distance from the golf club. (*Please Note: A list of available accommodation must be submitted to support this application).
  • Clubhouse facilities that are capable of hosting a major tournament, and can hold approximately 150 people at any one time (*Note for Women’s events – if your clubhouse cannot adequately accommodate 180 ladies for dinner there must be another suitable venue nearby).
  • An adequate number of volunteers (Catering etc).
  • Access to at least 15 (up to 20 for Rural Bronze event) motorized golf carts. Supporting documentation (photos of the clubhouse/course, details regarding the club’s support of GolfWA events etc) is also encouraged.
  • For more detailed information and specific requirements regarding each particular event please contact GolfWA as per below.
  • Supporting documentation (photos of the clubhouse/course, details regarding the clubs support of Golf WA events etc) is also encouraged.