WAGC introduces male rating for its red course

20th Mar 2023

On what is a traditionally men’s competition day, The Western Australian Golf Club decided to do things differently on Wednesday, March 8 in celebration of International Women’s Day.

The inaugural Golf Manager’s Trophy was staged, which gave the club’s male members their first opportunity to play the new male rating for the red course: a par 70, 116 Slope rating, scratch 67 course.

WAGC Golf manager Nicole Martino devised the event and donated the trophy herself in what she says was a concept fully embraced by all at the club.

“Being a woman golf manager I felt a responsibility to celebrate International Women’s Day in an inclusive way that brought both men and women members into the celebrations and I’m so grateful the Match Committee was in full support of the concept,” she said.

“It was fantastic to hear the resulting conversation centred around the adjusted handicaps, with the average handicap difference between the blue course and red course being 4 strokes, and the new challenge it presented.

“The introduction of the male rating for the red course signifies the start of a much bigger plan to introduce multi-tee competitions and give members more variety on a course they know and love. It also gives us an opportunity to provide guidance to players based on ability and age, as to which course will best suit them best.  The result hopefully being increased enjoyment of the game and improved pace of play.”


Nicole Martino introduced WAGC’s new Golf Manager’s Trophy on International Women’s Day


Golf WA CEO Gary Thomas praised the move, saying: “The Western Australian Golf Club have been really innovative in their approach to introducing the new tee ratings and taken their members on the journey with them.

“Not only does playing from forward tees – or tees better suited to an individual player’s ability – make it more enjoyable for any golfer that may have found playing off a longer course difficult, but it can help to speed up play and make the overall experience better for everyone.

“Additionally, it alleviates the potential perceived stigma attached to a gendered tee, which helps prolong the golfing lives of many.”

WA clubs wishing to explore multi-tee ratings should contact GolfWA’s Operations team. Call 9367 2490 or email opsadmin@golfwa.org.au

If your course is adopting innovative approaches to help improve the game for players of all abilities, let us know! Email marketingofficer@golfwa.org.au

A version of this article first appeared on the Golf Australia website.