WA Open first round groupings and tee times

4th Oct 2023

WA Open

The Nexus Advisernet Bowra & O’Dea tees off in earnest on Thursday, October 5, with 121 players vying to get their name on the historic trophy.

Many of the PGA Tour of Australasia’s leading lights have made the trip to Joondalup Resort & Country Club for the 99th staging of the WA Open leaving spectators spoilt for choice on who to follow.

Here we identify some of the marquee groups in action, and highlight some of the local players to get behind: –

1st tee (Quarry 1)

7.10am = James Grierson (NSW), Josh Greer (WA), Connor McKinney (WA)
7.20am = Kade McBride (QLD), Ollie Marsh (WA, am), Jack Munro (QLD)
7.30am = Lachlan Barker (SA), Jordan Zunic (NSW), Adam Brady (WA)
7.40am = Cameron John (Vic), Tom Addy (WA, am), Blake Windred (NSW)
7.50am = Scott Strange (WA), Braden Becker (WA), Abel Eduard (Vic, am)
11.40am = Ben Ferguson (WA), Austin Bautista (NSW), Ryan Peake (WA)
11.50am = Jarryd Felton (WA), Elvis Smylie (QLD), Jasper Stubbs (Vic, am)
12.10pm = Abbie Teasdale (WA, am), Shae Wools-Cobb (QLD), Brady Watt (Vic)
12.20pm = Lucas Higgins (NSW), Charlie Dann (QLD), Erina Tan (WA, am)
1pm = Stuart Beament (WA), Caleb Bovalina (Vic), Matthew McLaughlin (WA, am)

10th tee (Lake 1)

7.10am = Michael Hanrahan-Smith (WA, am), Jak Carter (SA), Michael Wright (QLD)
7.20am = Harrison Crowe (NSW), Hayden Hopewell (WA), Oliver Goss (WA)
7.30am = Jake McLeod (QLD), Louis Dobbelaar (QLD), Joseph Owen (WA, am)
7.40am = Brett Rumford (WA), Brett Coletta (Vic), Connor Fewkes (WA, am)
7.50am = Michael Sim (WA), Jye Pickin (NSW, am), Aaron Pike (QLD)
8.10am = Steven Jeffress (NSW), Michael Long (NZ), Amanda Gan (WA, am)
11.30am = Jordan Doull (WA, am), Maverick Antcliff (QLD), Blake Collyer (Vic)
11.40am = Lawry Flynn (QLD), Kathryn Norris (WA), Kyle Michel (Vic)
11.50am = Andre Lautee (Vic), Joseph Buttress (WA, am), Kerry Mountcastle (NZ)
12.30pm = Daniel Fox (WA), Daniel Beckmann (Vic), Celine Chen (WA, am)
12.50pm = Ben Paine (Vic), Spencer Harrison (WA, am), Joshua Herrero (WA)

You can view the full list of tee times here.

The Nexus Advisernet Bowra & O’Dea is free for spectators to attend and, with excellent weather forecast for the week, represents a great chance to watch some of the nation’s leading golfers up close.

You’ll be able to follow live scoring from the event via the WA Open event page.

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