Urban Golf hits the streets of Fremantle

22nd Nov 2013

Pedestrians walking through Princess May Park near Clancy’s Fish Pub may have been confused to be hearing shouts of “Fore!” emanating from the top floor of the nearby carpark.

It wasn’t members of Fremantle Public or Royal Fremantle having an exceptionally wayward round, it was the Urban Golf Phenomenon hitting Fremantle’s streets as a part of the WA State Week of Golf.

The participants ranged from the most expert golfers to the children who had never picked up a club previously, but they all took part in a new style of playing golf that is rapidly gaining traction worldwide.

Urban Golf is played using a single club with an approved golf ball that travels almost as far as the real thing, but its foam construction negates any of the unwanted side effects such as broken windows or concussed bystanders.

Instead the bystanders became a part of the day and picked up a club themselves, as the course made its way from the Fremantle Train Station to Clandy’s Fish Pub and finished at Fremantle Park before everyone retired to the Newport for well some well deserved refreshments.

It was the debut Urban Golf Day in Western Australia with Urban Golf committed to growing this new version of the game in the coming 12 months, starting with a range of events slated for February 2014 during orientation week at Perth’s universities.

Urban Golf’s Chris Connors said that “Urban golf is a sport for everyone else. Whereas traditionally golf was played in exclusive country clubs by financial members with expensive equipment. We strip the game back to its bare bones with a form that can be played anywhere, anytime and by anyone regardless of skill, sex or the size of their wallet..”

“Since its humble beginnings urban golf has grown into an international phenomenon in over 60 cities in 12 countries. Its appeal is both for people who want something a bit arty and a bit different or in countries where access to golf clubs and accessories is only available to the upper crust.”

For all the updates and to find out when there will be an urban golf day near you check out facebook.com/australianurbangolf