Suncare on course – are you doing enough?

22nd Mar 2023

Cancer Council WA wants to hear from golfers about how they protect themselves from the sun – and if you complete a short survey you could win 1 of 4 Drummond Golf prize packs valued at $200.

The SunSmart golfer’s survey can be completed online here in just a few minutes, and the deadline to complete it to be eligible for the prize packs is Friday, March 24.

The survey is part of Cancer Council WA’s ‘Improve Your Long Game’ sun protection program, which aims to improve sun protection behaviours of golfers by providing free sunscreen at the first and 10th tees of partner clubs, as well as information and resources for reducing skin cancer risk.

Ros Natalotto, Cancer Council WA’s SunSmart Community Projects Coordinator, outlined why the program is of such potential importance to golfers of all ages. “Golfers spend hours on the course, often under the direct sun, increasing their risk of sunburn, premature aging and skin cancer. That’s why it’s important to incorporate sun protection into your golf routine.

“One of the key features of the Improve Your Long Game program is offering free sunscreen on the 1st and 10th tee for those who may have forgotten to apply, as well as providing a visual reminder of the importance of reapplying midway through your game. The program also includes resources that highlight the difference between heat and UV and the importance of using sun protection regularly.”

Hartfield Golf Club has Cancer Council WA sunscreen stations on its 1st and 10th tees


Evidence shows men that men aged 40+ generally have poorer sun protection behaviours than women on the golf course, while golfers are at higher risk of developing skin cancer due to factors such as:

  • long periods spent outside in peak UV times
  • limited shaded areas on golf courses
  • many surfaces (grass, sand and water) reflect UV radiation

Cancer Council WA is inviting clubs to participate in the Improve Your Long Game initiative to play their part in safeguarding the long-term health of their members and guests. You can find out more information here, or by contacting Ros Natalotto on 9212 4332 or