Sand Greens Saturday Wrap

13th Aug 2022

The first day of the annual Aglime State Sand Greens is in the book… sort of.

With wild conditions predicted for the afternoon the morning groups tried to make haste.

The course presented extremely well with the lush fairways proving the highlight. Beware the consequence of an errant tee shot around Augusta. The narrow landing zones reward good shots however punish poorly placed shots.

The thick rough and Peppermint trees have made it a headache for players venturing off the fairway.

Cold and windy conditions made the tee shots off the first and the tenth difficult to find the fairway. Many people having to re load with provisional balls.

Shot of the day went to Paul Edwards from Goldfields Golf Club who holed out 60 meters short of the 13th green.

The group including Adam Davey, Shaun Malone and Jeff Ahn all made the turn at nine looking good, sitting at one or two over as the rest of the field scrambled to keep up.

It didn’t take long for the rain to come down which caused even more difficulty to the already tricky course.

A suspension was called halfway through the second nine as the greens became flooded. Enough rain came down to prevent any improvement, stopping the field going back out.

Sunday will be an exciting finish to a great week in Augusta. An 18-hole shootout remains to see who is crowned the 2022 champion.

With the weather forecast expected to be far better the players should be welcomed by a much tamer Augusta for the final round.

Who will be crowned the Champion? Can Adam Davey make it six Sand Green titles or can someone else beat the Sand Green specialist.