Rudgeley inspires next generation

20th Sep 2018

Kirsten Rudgeley firmly believes it’s important to give back to junior golf, and on Tuesday afternoon, it was clear she made a difference.

The 17-year-old journeyed down to Royal Perth Golf Club to attend, and run, an all-girls MyGolf Clinic, with the youngsters excited to meet the future star.

The 2017 WA Amateur Champion took the girls’ through a number of stretches before hitting some balls to showcase her ability.

The Wanneroo member then walked around and gave guidance to the budding golfers, helping with techniques and general encouragement.

You could see the joy of the group, she was making a difference.

Rudgeley was honoured to be invited down to the clinic, reminiscing on her heroes and the golfers she used to look up to as a junior.

“Yeah it was good, I love to help out,” Rudgeley said. “It’s great to see the little juniors getting better.”

“Minjee (Lee) and Hannah (Green) they were good ones to follow and look up to.”

“Even Hira (Naveed), she was a good friend when I was younger.”

Rudgeley already has a resume’ that is rapidly growing, finishing second at the English Girls’ Open Amateur and claiming the medal at the English Women’s Matchplay in the UK.

Despite her recent success, Rudgeley continues to stay grounded and feels it’s vital to give back to the golfing community in different ways.

“Yeah it’s so important to give back like this,” she claimed.

“I believe it will soon come back to you if you help them out. Hopefully they are watching out for and following me.”

“I want to be a role model for them.”

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