Rockingham reaps rewards of scholarships

13th Jul 2022

Golf Australia

With most of the club’s Australian Golf Foundation Junior Girls Scholarship recipients soon to obtain their handicaps, and more women and girls entering the club, there is plenty of reason to celebrate at Rockingham Golf Club on the outskirts of Perth.

“We have a very sporty group of girls who received scholarships,” said Mark Parry, PGA Professional at the club. “The girls have really taken to golf naturally and many of them will soon obtain handicaps.

“Our club committee, head PGA Professionals Brenton Haines and Clarence Jayatilaka and Josh Herrero, third-year Associate PGA member, are all very proactive towards growing women and girls’ golf. The scholarship program has not only been a great way to help girls progress their golf, but it also brings new families to the club.

“At the start, the girls were quite nervous getting out on-course, but it has been great coaching them and now seeing them a lot more comfortable to play. I think the biggest thing the program has given them is that opportunity to get on-course and play.

“Saying that, it is also great to see the group of girls connecting. There were four friends who already knew each other from school, but the group of six have now all bonded and are enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.

“Putting the girls together in a group with scholarship uniforms has really made the girls feel part of a team and also part of the club.”