New homes for owls and bats at Mount Lawley Golf Club

23rd Jan 2023

Mount Lawley Golf Club is doing its bit to help declining wildlife by installing nesting boxes for boobook owls and a roosting box for microbats around the course.

Volunteers positioned the boobook boxes 4m above the ground in native trees on the 7th, 11th and 17th holes, while the microbat box is located on the 7th.

Boobook owls (pictured above) are named for their distinctive call. While they are not an endangered species, their numbers are declining in WA’s south west and wheatbelt areas making nesting boxes a valuable resource for them.

There are nine species of microbat in south-west WA, which hunt at night and rest in tree hollows and crevices by day. There is often strong competition for roosting sites, so roosting boxes can play a key role in enabling microbats to thrive in urban environments. Mount Lawley’s volunteers plan to install more roosting boxes later in the year.

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