Junior performance talent learns from WA’s best amateurs

8th Jul 2022

GolfWA’s Talent Development Program continued this week for the TDP Tier 1 athletes, on a stunning morning at the Joondalup Resort hosted by PGA professional Kerrod Gray.

The session worked on different aspects of the game through creating pressurized and fun environments within.

The aspects included putting, short game and hitting to targets. The putting comp included a fairway hitting component as well. Putting the oneness on holing putts and hitting fairways.

Lachlan Hall came out as the short game wizard winning the up and down challenge needing to get up and down consecutively.

The athletes finished with a target hitting drill. Attempting to hit the same targets with different club and embracing their inner Seve Ballesteros.

After the training, the athletes were welcomed by GolfWA High Performance athletes Amie Phobubpa, Connor McKinney and Josh Greer who shared some pre-tournament and competition advice.

The morning of a comp generally, Amie, Connor and Josh hit approximately 40 balls on the range before chipping and putting. This minimalizes technical focuses. Hard grind should be done off course on the range not before playing a round.

They also added that their last shot in their warmup tends to be with the same club that they will hit on the first tee. Helping to visualize the opening shot.

The HP athletes and coaches stressed that it is important to get a routine that suits you best. Everyone is different, trying different things can only help in finding what works for you.

Lastly, they spoke about off course preparation in relation to golf.

Forming habits and routines in preparation that are personal in terms of training, nutrition and hydration

Fuel and hydration are integral to performance in Golf. Hydration is not valued enough, especially when travelling and playing multi round events.

The overall importance in setting daily targets and goals to achieve. These could be things such as, preparing breakfast, doing stretching or going for a walk.

GolfWA look forward to our next TDP Tier 2 session with PGA Pros Matthew Heath and Lucas Paddick at Cottesloe Golf Club on the 14th July.