Golf overlooked for 2028 Paralympic Games

2nd Feb 2023

There was disappointment for All Abilities players and organising bodies as golf’s bid to be included in the 2028 Paralympics was rejected.

The International Paralympic Committee this week announced the 22 sports that would be on the schedule for the 2028 Games in Los Angeles, with golf among 11 applicants to miss out. It means that the 2032 Games in Brisbane is now golf’s earliest opportunity to join the Paralympic sporting roster.

Golf Australia’s Senior Manager-Programs and Inclusion, Christian Hamilton, said that while the announcement was a setback, the golf community would move on quickly. “It’s disappointing for the athletes, there is no doubt, but it doesn’t change our resolve one bit in this space,” said Hamilton.

“In developing this application to the International Paralympic Committee, the sport has moved quickly to support the sustainable growth of disabled golf in a relatively short amount of time. Golf Australia remains committed to working with partners to grow All Abilities golf and be a sport of choice for people with disability. We look forward and welcome further applications to the IPC for golf’s inclusion into the Paralympics… hopefully in Brisbane 2032.”

All Abilities champion golfer Cameron Pollard will not get the chance to compete at the 2028 Paralympics


Hamilton added that there were exciting times ahead for All Abilities golf. “We’ll put our heads down and continue to work at developing the sport within our own control. We believe that golf is a global sport that has an opportunity to tell a great story about inclusion and sport for people with disability.”

The other sports to miss out on inclusion in the 2028 Paralympic Games were arm wrestling, climbing, CP football, karate, Para dance sport, powerchair football, sailing, surfing, wheelchair handball and beach ParaVolley.

A version of this article first appeared on the Golf Australia website. Main image credit: Australian Golf Media

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