Dads mental health in focus at Bunbury golf getaway

9th Apr 2024

Kids cancer Support Group golf weekend

The value of golf as a means of boosting mental health was the focus of a dads’ golfing getaway organised by the Kids Cancer Support Group.

A group of 13 dads whose children have been diagnosed with cancer or other blood disorders attended the weekend retreat at Bunbury Sanctuary Golf Resort, with socialising and peer-to-peer support as much a part of proceedings as the golf itself.

Two rounds of team Ambrose took place, with prizes galore awarded, but for many of the players the opportunity to discuss their family situations with like-minded individuals was the chief take-out from their weekend away.

Event organiser Richard Nell of Kids Cancer Support Group outlined the purpose of the trip and the benefits it delivered to its participants.

“The aim of the weekend was to get dads together for a break from the stress of the situations they find themselves in and to be amongst others that can provide peer support,” he said.

“Golf is a perfect activity that provides exercise, fresh air and a friendly competitive environment. The mental health benefits are massive as it allows the guys to talk openly in a safe space. It also gets them out doing an activity they enjoy to give them a break from their day-to-day stresses.”

Kids cancer Support Group golf weekend

The onus of the trip was on friendly competition and peer support – but there were moments of golfing magic too!


Nell added that such initiatives can be particularly valuable to men who might otherwise struggle to find an outlet to deal with the tension that having a seriously ill child can bring.

“It is a priority for dads to be able to build and lean on a support network from diagnosis through treatment and beyond,” he said. “There is nothing like the support of a peer to keep you on track and allow you to support others while gaining support for yourself.”

Kids Cancer Support Group (KCSG) is a Perth-based charity that is run by parents and caregivers who have experienced childhood cancer/blood disorders firsthand, which provides tailored support that meets the needs of specific families.

They stage various events each year for the parents of children who have been diagnosed with, treated for, or lost their battle against cancer and other blood disorders. Find out more about KCSG here.