Crunch&Sip Junior Tour school holiday round-up

13th Jul 2023

The July school holidays saw the latest two rounds of the Crunch&Sip Junior Tour played out in vastly different weather conditions at Melville Glades and Lakelands.

Sheeting rain. blustery conditions and an icy chill made the Melville Glades contest not for the faint-hearted. A field of 56 showed up to brave the conditions, demonstrating the sort of resilience and positive attitudes that will hold them in good stead in years to come.

Zachary Sasidharan won the nine-hole Stableford event, posting an impressive 24 points to lead home Giselle Tan and Jenna Phoon by six points. In the modified stroke competition, meanwhile, Sopostar Fiu was triumphant, with Ryker Sampson and LeBron Vaiimene securing rostrum finishes.

In the Tiger Tees contests, Alexandra Fleming was the winner of the nine-hole event, with Ashton Nel topping the standings over five holes.

The second Junior Tour event of the holidays was a much sunnier affair at Lakelands Country Club with the calmer conditions attracting a field of 65 young golfers.

It was a day to remember for Giselle Tan (pictured above), who won her first Stableford event after numerous high finishes. Giselle’s 23-point total saw her edge out Jenna Phoon, Nimit Chantakat and Nathan Budimuljono by two points.

Ryker Sampson went one better than the week before to top the modified stroke leaderboard by five strokes, with a three-way tie for 2nd place between Josh O’Hare, Sopostar Fiu and LeBron Vaiimene.

It was a close-run thing in both Tiger Tees events, with Sunny Needs and Ashton Nel posting one-stroke wins in the respective nine-hole and five-hole competitions.

Jordan McSkimming, GolfWA’s Junior Development Officer, paid tribute to the efforts of the players, who showed great determination during some adverse playing conditions.

“We all know that golf can be a lot less fun in wet, windy and cold conditions, which is why it was so good to see the players stay focused and stay smiling at the Melville Glades GC event,” he said. “There was also a high level of preparedness by those who braved the conditions, which was very impressive.

“Overall, it was another two very successful events and I’m so pleased that so many young golfers committed the time during their holidays to continue their personal golf journeys.”

Full results – Melville Glades

Stableford (9 holes)

1st (24 points) = Zachary Sasidharan (Gosnells)
2nd (18 points) = Giselle Tan (Royal Fremantle)
3rd (18 points) = Jenna Phoon (Royal Fremantle)

Modified Stroke (9 holes)

1st (44) = Sopostar Fiu (Gosnells)
2nd (50) = Ryker Sampson (Royal Fremantle)
3rd (54) = LeBron Vaiimene (Gosnells)

Tiger Tees (9 half-holes)

1st (39) = Alexandra Fleming (Royal Fremantle)
2nd (40) = Sunny Needs (Wembley GC)
3rd (42) = Jonus Bobusic (Mount Lawley)

Tiger Tees (5 half-holes)

!st (countback, 27) = Ashton Nel (Wanneroo)
2nd (27) = Tyson Low
3rd (28) = Aiden Nel (Wanneroo)

Full results – Lakelands

Stableford (9 holes)

1st (23 points) = Giselle Tan (Royal Fremantle)
2nd (21 points) = Jenna Phoon (Royal Fremantle)
3rd (21 points) = Nimit Chantakat (Mount Lawley)
4th (21 points) Nathan Budimuljono (Mount Lawley)

Modified Stroke (9 holes)

1st (46) = Ryker Sampson (Royal Fremantle)
2nd (51) = Josh O’Hare (Wanneroo)
3rd (51) = LeBron Vaiimene (Gosnells)
4th (51) = Sopostar Fiu (Gosnells)

Tiger Tees (9 half-holes)

1st (43) = Sunny Needs (Wembley)
2nd (44) = Cooper Popp (Lake Karrinyup CC)
3rd (44) = Jonas Bobusic (Mount Lawley)

Tiger Tees (5 half-holes)

1st (29) = Ashton Nel (Wanneroo)
2nd (30) = Hugo Frew-Stone
3rd (30) = Monty Frew-Stone


Crunch&Sip Junior Tour lakelands

Competitors in the Junior Tour event at Lakelands


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