Another great year at the Perth Royal Show

10th Oct 2019

The 2019 IGA Perth Royal Show lived up to its claim as Perth’s largest community event attracting more than 350,000 visitors from the city and country each year. The Show is an iconic social and cultural event and we were privileged to showcase our beloved sport of golf to close to 4,000 showegoers.

More than a sport, golf is about opportunities, values and community. As the State body for amateur golf in Western Australia, GolfWA exists to provide opportunities for people of all walks of life to play, learn and love the game of golf. The 2019 IGA Perth Royal Show was the perfect platform to achieve this.

Located in a prime position on the main arena, the GolfWA marquee proved to be a ‘hit’ amongst kids and parents alike as they wandered in to give-golf-a-go.

Modified golf clubs and large golf balls allowed everyone from the complete novice to seasoned pros to swing past and have a hit. Volunteers at the activation were also delighted to welcome Constable Care and other ‘personalities’ from the show including Paramedic Bear. A front row seat to witness the Monster Mayhem and fireworks were added bonuses of the marquee’s perfect position.

The marquee was bright and engaging with the aim of promoting healthy messages to remind show-goers to stay active and hydrated. Healthway’s Smarter Then Smoking mascot, Dude made several appearances to further instil the important messaging.

New Healthway hitting bays provided participants with perfect targets to aim at. Prizes and stickers were on offer for anyone that managed to hit a ball into the targets and across the eight days of the show we gave away close to 2,000 brightly coloured GolfWA yo-yos.

Healthway has been a long-time supporter of golf in Western Australia and their continued support has played a huge part in making our Royal Show activation a resounding success. GolfWA is proud to support a healthy and smoke free WA.

GolfWA Game Development Coordinator Billie Burvill coordinated the activation during the week and was ecstatic with the response received from the public.

“The week was a great opportunity to share the game of golf and the messages from Healthway with the Western Australian community. Many of our participants had never held a golf club before and really enjoyed giving golf a go,” Billie said.

We greatly appreciate the combined support of Healthway and the Smarter Than Smoking campaign as we proudly continue to introduce new and established audiences to the game of golf.

Bring on the 2020 Perth Royal Show!