Regional Seniors Archive


Dates: Monday 21st September & Tuesday 21st September
Venue: Geraldton Golf Club
Format: 36-Hole Stableford
Age Restriction: 62yrs+ as at the first day of the tournament

 Congratulations to  Britannia Cup Winner Diana Balch (Dongara)




May 2nd & 3rd



The Denmark Golf Course is a stunning course offering year-round golf with reticulated fairways and superbly maintained elevated grass greens. The par 72, 18-hole course offers a tranquil environment for players, native birds, wildlife and many families of kangaroos.

The Country Club is conveniently located only a short walk from the centre of town and warmly welcomes all visitors.

Located in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, Denmark is a beautiful little town that is a popular holiday destination. Boasting some of the state’s most stunning and breathtaking natural scenery, Denmark is home to both rugged coastlines as well as towering tingle forests.


May 3rd & 4th

Purple (AM/PM) | Green (PM/AM)


2018 Winner: Merle Dodd (Dongara)


May 25th & 26th

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Purple (AM/PM)  |  Green PM/AM

Britannia Cup winner – Marilyn Rothnie (Esperance)


2016 Manjimup Golf Club

2 – 3 May 2016

Winner: Di Smith – Bridgetown Golf Club


Purple (AM/PM)  |  Green (PM/AM)


2015 Regional Seniors in Pinjarra

2015 BRITANNIA CUP WINNER: Elizabeth Ballington – Wanneroo (41, 39 = 80)

regional seniors winner




2014 Regional Seniors in Margaret River

Kay and Lynne Bailey Winner1

Winner Lynne Bailey with GolfWA Life Member Kay Lane

2014 Regional Seniors
Margaret River 12-13 May

Prize Result Sheet 2014

 Regional Seniors Past Results

2013 Regional Seniors in Geraldton

Spalding Park Golf Club – Geraldton
6th & 7th May 2013

Photos here…

Overall Winner: Kerry Drennan (RFGC) 73pts.

Green Division:

Nearest the Pins: Hole 6: Laurel Carter, Hole 14: Carol Tovey

Teams Event: 67: Lakelands: Dale Crannage-Jenny Collins, Pinjarra: Barbara King-Joan Kennington.

Aged 60 + Rd 1: Helen Duane (Mingenew) 36pts. Sandy Hadley (Floreat) 35pts
Aged 60 + Rd 2: Shirley Culloty (RPGC) 32 c/b Wendy Cousins (Moora)

Aged 70 + Rd 1: Barbara King (Pinjarra) 35pts c/b Gwen Homewood (MGGC)
Aged 70 + Rd 2: Pam Ashdown (Pinjarra) 35pts, Peta Pracillio (Gosnells) 31pts.

Aged 80 + 36 Holes: Lois Lively (MGGC) 51pts
Best Metro 36 Holes: Dale Crannage (LCC) 65pts
Best Country 36 Holes: Judy Critch (Spalding) 65pts
Best Sand Green 36 Holes: Delys Colquhoun (Pickering Brk) 61pts c/b Helen Duane (Mingenew)
Best 36 Holes: Robyn Bull (GGC) 66pts, Wendy Jones (RGC) 65pts

Purple Division:

Nearest the Pins: Holes 4: Bev Campbell, Hole 6: Pam Willems, Hole 12: Kay Pengilly, Hole 14: Jan Plaisted

Teams Event: 71: Wanneroo Carol Gauntlet-Cathy Foley

Aged 60 + Rd 1: Marie Anderson (Spalding) 35pts c/b Cathy Foley (WGC)
Aged 60 + Rd 2: Jan Bowdler (WGC) 41pts, Lee Swarbrick (Whaleback) 36pts

Aged 70 + Rd 1: Kay Pengilly (Spalding) 35pts, Rhonda Bandy (WGC) 33pts
Aged 70 + Rd 2: Helen Nairn (LKCC) 38pts, Sylvia Meadowcroft (Spalding) 37pts

Aged 80 + 36 Holes: Wilma Spowart (Spalding) 63pts
Best Metro 36 Holes: Natalie Reid 70pts
Best Country 36 Holes: Cindy Suarez (Geraldton) 67pts
Best Sand Green 36 Holes: Rosa Lee (Dandaragen) 48pts
Best 36 Holes: Kerry Drennan (RFGC) 73pts, Carol  Gauntlet (WGC) 71pts.



The Regional Seniors History

The idea for this event germinated as a new innovative proposal to add to our Healthway Funding application, following on from the successful Provincial and Rural Bronze.


To make this appealing to Healthway there had to be a purpose.  So the idea was formed to have a 2 day event (not stroke) at a major country centre (with sufficient motel accommodation), at the beginning of the season to encourage seniors to continue to play golf.


At the time the Executive agreed, as it was part of the sponsorship portfolio.


The first event was held at Busselton in 1992.  It poured with rain for 2 days.  2 players had to withdraw the first day for personal reasons, and despite the rain not 1 player withdrew or did not complete the round on the 2nd day, including the 2 who could not play on day one.


Hence the start of a popular tournament almost by default.


The trophy was donated by Mrs. Kay Lane (former President of Women’s Golf WA) in 1995.

2012 Regional Seniors in Albany

Albany Golf Club – May 7 & 8, 2012

(L-R): Winner Shirley Culloty (RPGC) 67pts on c/b and Runner Up Di Reside (Albany)

Green Division

Teams Event: Pinjarra 67pts Yvonne Bower-Lorraine Watson
Veterans Day 1: Peg Hodgson (Pinjarra) 31pts on c/b Beryl Dennis (WAGC)
Veterans Day 2: Barbary King (Pinjarra) 31pts
Seniors Day 1: Lorraine Watson 32pts on c/bMaggie Shea (Sea View)
Seniors Day 2: Pam Ashdown (Pinjarra) 33pts, Flora Blackwood (Denmark) 32pts
Best Super Veteran 36 Holes: Yvonne Sargent (Hartfield) 53pts, Lois Lively (Melville Glades) 51pts
Best Metro Player 36 Holes: Dale Crannage (Lakelands) 61pts
Best Country Player 36 Holes:Cindy Suarez (Geraldton) 61pts
Best Sand Green Players 36 Holes: Marion Todd (Riverview) 63pts
Best Overall 36 Holes: Shirley Culloty (RPGC) 67pts, Yvonne Bower (Pinjarra) 66pts.

Purple Division

Teams Event: Albany 72pts Di Reside-Pauline Ruoss
Veterans Day 1: Jan Williamson (WGC) 32pts
Veterans Day 2: Joan Harwood (RFGC) 31pts
Seniors Day 1: Pauline Ruoss (Albany) 34pts on c/b Barbara Lange (RFGC)
Seniors Day 2: Jan Plaisted (WGC) 34pts, Liz O’Meara (Albany) 33pts
Best Super Veteran 36 Holes: Cis Sounness (Mt Barker) 56pts
Best Metro Player 36 Holes: Yvonne Rate (RFGC) 62pts
Best Country Player 36 Holes: Maxine Bradshaw (Albany) 64pts
Best Sand Green Players 36 Holes: Patty Burton (Walpole) 62pts
Best Overall 36 Holes: Di Reside (Albany) 67pts, Helen Lukins (Alban) 64 on c/b Maxine Bradshaw (Albany)

The 2013 Regional Seniors will be held at the Spalding Park Golf Club in Geraldton on 6th and 7th May