Golf. Makes Life Better

GolfWA exists to provide opportunities for people of all walks of life to play, learn and love the game. Not just for its unrivalled sportsmanship but even more so, for the values and community which come alongside it. It’s the equal opportunity golf provides for all people to be players, regardless of age, gender, physical ability, cultural background, or fitness which truly sets us apart.

As the body responsible for overseeing all aspects of amateur golf in WA, GolfWA’s responsibilities for the enhancement of the game are many. These include:

  • A wide range of Game Development programs in schools, public golfing facilities and clubs as an avenue to attract new people to the game.
  • Events and tournaments for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Assisting our 315 affiliated clubs to improve their operations and governance
  • High Performance programs for our elite athletes as well as Technical Services such as Rules and Handicapping.

1.) It’s great for your physical health

Golf is a fantastic way to stay active, even as you age. Walking around the golf course and swinging a club boosts heart health and can lower stress. 


2.) It’s also great for your mental health

Regularly playing golf can help to reduce anxiety, improve confidence and boost self-esteem, all of which have the ability to improve mental health and wellbeing.

3.) There’s always time for a quick hit

You don’t need to play 18 holes to have a good time. 9-hole rounds are a great way to start playing golf if you’re short on time. Par-3 courses and mini-golf are also a great way to squeeze in a quick golf fix.

4.) Golf is a game for life

It’s never too late to start playing golf and the best part is that you can play well into your retirement! Golf is easy to learn but hard to master. Why not book a lesson with a PGA professional to help take your game to the next level?

5.) It’s easy to get started

Western Australia is blessed with an abundance of golf facilities right across this great state. Your local public course or range offers the perfect introduction to golf and you’ll be hooked in no time. Click here to find your nearest public course or local golf club.

6.) Golf lets you live an outdoor lifestyle

Long summers and mild winters make Western Australia a great place for golfers. Our climate allows us to get out and play golf 365 days a year! Outdoor activities also help to boost our mental and physical health. What’s not to love?

7.) You can meet like-minded people & develop a sense of community

You’ll meet some amazing people on the golf course. Golf’s unique handicapping system allows people from different generations and with different abilities to interact and play alongside each other. Find your nearest club here.

8.) It’s cheaper than you think

You don’t need to be as rich as Tiger Woods to play golf. Borrow a friend or family members clubs and head to your local public course to have a hit. You’ll be hooked in no time.

9.) Golf is a game for everyone

In February 2018, Golf Australia launched a strategy to address a fundamental imbalance in the game and draw more women and girls to golf – Vision 2025.

The four-pillar strategy aims to significantly increase participation rates, along with improving the culture at golf clubs around the country, so that, according to GA chief executive Stephen Pitt, “our game is opened up to everyone’’.

10.) Golf lets you release your inner competitive beast

GolfWA runs an annual calendar of events with tournaments for Men, Women and Juniors. If you want to be the next Hannah Green and you’re ready to take your golf to the next level then a GolfWA tournament is the perfect start.