Guide to Conditions of Play

The following is provided as a template for the Conditions of Play for an event to assist clubs in providing a uniform and structured document for participants. Variables such as dates, Tournament Committee and Handicap limits are noted for each respective club to enter and we welcome any queries that may arise from the construction of conditions for your event.

In addition to the below Golf Australia provides a comprehensive list of information such as match play draws, pace of play and count back procedures that are all downloadable. For details on all aspects of competitions I recommend the pdf titled “Elite Competition Manual”. All these can be found at the below link:



ELIGIBILITY: Eligible players are <<MALE AND/OR FEMALE>> amateurs whose handicap does not exceed <<INSERT EXACT GA HANDICAP IF APPLICABLE>> and <<MALE AND/OR FEMALE>> amateurs whose handicap does not exceed <<INSERT EXACT GA HANDICAP IF APPLICABLE>>. Players must be financial playing members of a club affiliated with Golf WA or other approved organisation.

CHAMPIONSHIP COMMITTEE: The Tournament Committee shall comprise the Golf Operations Manager and members Tournament Committee. In the absence of the full committee, such members as thereof may be present at any time may give a decision and any decision shall be deemed the decision of the full Tournament Committee.

The Championship Committee shall have the sole management and control of the Championship, with full power at any time to alter or vary any of the conditions.

RULES: The rules of golf as adopted by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and such local rules as are in force on the course over which the championship is being played will apply. If a dispute arises on any point, it shall be decided by the Championship Committee whose decision shall be final.

PROTESTS: The Championship Committee’s decision on matters affecting the Championship shall be final. Protests must be made in writing and submitted to the Championship Committee within 10 minutes of the conclusion of the days play.

ENTRIES: Entries close <<Time & Day and date>>. The Championship Committee reserves the right in special circumstances to accept late entries after this time. Fees must be paid at the time of entry. Any entrant may withdraw and have his / her entrance fee refunded provided notification is received prior to publication of the draw. The Championship Committee has the right to refuse the entry of any person for the event without being required to give a reason for doing so.

BALLOT: Entries will be balloted based on handicap to a maximum field size as determined by the tournament committee. Balloted players will be placed onto a reserves list, and should they not receive a place in the field will be entitled to a full refund following the event.

MOTORISED CART POLICY: The GolfWA policy on the use of motorised golf carts will be enforced for the duration of the Championship. A copy of this policy is available from the GolfWA website (Note a club may refer to the GolfWA policy or alternatively their own club policy).

PLAYER CODE OF CONDUCT:  All entrants assent to be bound by the GolfWA Code of Conduct.  A copy of the code is available at

TROPHIES: Players may only win one trophy. The boy and girl, who return the lowest gross scores over 36 holes Stroke Play will become the overall Champions for <<Insert year>> and shall each hold the respective trophies for one year. Age division winners will receive trophies (boys and girls). Nett trophies will also be awarded in each age division. The Championship Committee reserves the right to alter age divisions depending on the number of entrants in any particular division.

HANDICAPS: Players will retain the same handicap over both rounds of the championship (for multi-round events).

TIES: In the event of a tie for the overall Stroke Play Championship a play-off will occur as decided by the Championship Committee, until a winner is determined.  All other ties will be decided utilising the Australian countback system.

DRESS REGULATIONS: Dress code for <<Insert Host Club and link to website location>> must be observed. IMPORTANTLY all players are to protect against the sun, wear hats, caps, use sun screen and drink ample amounts of water to avoid dehydration.

CADDIES: The Golf WA Junior Caddy Policy is in place for this event. (Note a club may refer to the GolfWA policy or alternatively their own club policy).

DRUG TESTING: All competitors are subject to drug testing by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency for banned substances as laid down in Golf Australia’s Anti-Doping Policy.  Any competitor infringing this policy, or refusing to take a test, may be disqualified.

SMOKE FREE: This is a smoke free event and as such no smoking is permitted on course or in and around the clubhouse. (A club may choose to allocate a designated smoking area).



Round One: <<Day, Date Month>> (AM) 18 holes

Round Two: <<Day, Date Month>> (PM) 18 holes

The lowest 32 gross scores will qualify for Match Play – note if play-off required for field

Lists rounds of Match Play, Days, Dates and Month