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Club Support Initiative Launched

Golf Australia and GolfWA are excited to announce the launch of a new Club Support Resource portal (click on this link).

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Developed by Golf Australia in collaboration with key industry bodies including all State/Territory Golf Associations, PGA of Australia, Golf Management Australia, Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association and the Australian Sports Commission, the objective of the portal is to improve the capability, financial performance and sustainability of clubs.

The portal can be freely accessed and includes a comprehensive array of resources that can be adopted by any size and type of club.  Areas covered include: Strategic Planning & Governance, Financial Management, Risk Management, Insurance, Membership & Marketing, Facility Management, Workforce Management, Participation Programs and Case Studies & Research.   

Supporting the portal is an important online tool –  the Club Health Check.

The Club Health Check is a diagnostic tool provided by the Australian Sports Commission. It involves a series of questions related to the various aspects of running a club. Once submitted, an instant report is generated giving a club feedback and providing an action plan on addressing the areas that are critical to a club’s success.

In addition, GolfWA has developed a Small Club Checklist and we encourage, in particular, Regional & Public Golf Clubs to access this document.  

GolfWA sees the Club Support initiative as a crucial service to our member clubs, so much so that Club Health is one of the 4 Critical Drivers in our Strategic Plan 2014 – 2017 and will remain so past this.  GolfWA is very committed to this programme and the following actions have been undertaken to achieve our goals:-

  1. In 2014, GolfWA established a Club Health Advisory Panel whose role was to visit clubs throughout the state to discuss their issues and to provide necessary support to clubs to address those issues
  2. In 2015 and 2016, members of the Panel visited 55 clubs from Kununarra to Esperance and in between which gave us a great insight into the issues facing many regional clubs.
  3. As a result of these visits, GolfWA has employed 2 part-time Club Regional Support Officers.  Ian Fowler is responsible for clubs essentially north of the Great Eastern Highway and Shaun Malone south of that divide.
  4. Another outcome from the meetings voiced by many regional clubs was that there would be great value in aligning clubs with metropolitan clubs as a means of resource.  As a result, the Buddy Club Programme has been established with 16 metropolitan clubs being allocated to approximately 10 regional clubs each.  All clubs (metropolitan and country) have been advised of their Buddy Clubs and it is hoped that clubs will be pro-active in building their relationships

Should you have any queries at all regarding Club Health in WA please do not hesitate to contact:

  Ian Fowler          Regional Club Support Officer (North)                        0404 205 515 |

      Shaun Malone      Regional Club Support Officer (South)                             0435 680 349 |

    Gary Thomas       GolfWA Chief Executive                                               (08) 9367 2490 |

Golf WA Club Support Initiatives

GolfWA is very keen to support it’s affiliated clubs with best practice information and assets that make managing a golf club easier.  GolfWA’s policies can be easily adapted to suit a golf club and we strive to find business relationships that can also offer assistance to our wider membership such as Officeworks.  GolfWA is always happy to answer any queries related to golf in WA, especially rules, club administration, tournament/event management and game development.

We recognise that our members must run their clubs with good governance, recruit/develop/retain members and correctly administer competitions whilst ensuring everyone enjoys their golf.  So GolfWA is keen to share any ideas that we believe can assist clubs.  We are always happy to hear about your successes and share what works with the wide golfing community and such stories can be accessed in the section below GolfWA Club Health Case Studies.

Additionally, when we make any major updates we will broadcast that news via our website, social media, email and eNews.

The following links provide access to external internet resources that we feel will be of value to you with regard to golf administration, rules and the use of the internet and social media to further engage with club membership and attract new members.