Club Administration

All clubs affiliated with GolfWA are not-for-profit associations who have their constitutions lodged with GolfWA. With responsibilities to the membership, good governance and club standards are required. We will continue to enhance this section for club administrators.

Associations Incorporation Act 2015

As from July 1, 2016 a raft of changes to the WA Associations Incorporation Act came into effect. Of most importance is that it is essential that all points listed under Schedule 1 Requirements are incorporated into your club’s constitution. These changes must be effected by June 30, 2019. Below are links to information that will assist you in meeting these new requirements:-

Standard Presentation on New Laws

Association Rules Checklist

Model Rules

DSR Advice on Associations Incorporations Act Changes


For further information on the Incorporation Act, visit the Department of Commerce website:

In addition to the above, below are links to other documents that may assist your club in its governance.

GolfWA based policy templates for member protection and child safety

Department of Sports and Recreation guidelines for Board Members

Department of Sports and Recreation guidelines for effective club meetings