As no doubt you are aware, the Premier made announcements last night about the further easing of restrictions for the Perth and Peel regions.  The information he referred to can be found in the following link:-

From a golf club & facility perspective the changes essentially mean that masks no longer need to be worn outside unless social distancing cannot be adhered to.  Indoors, seated service can now be extended to 75% of capacity or apply the 2sqm rule – whichever is greater.  The 2sqm rule would also apply to indoor areas such as the Proshop, Locker Rooms, etc.

  1. CARTS

In the Safe Transition for Western Australia Directions No 2 that are currently in force, it is stated that a person must wear a mask whilst in a vehicle unless the person is the sole occupant of that vehicle or is travelling in the vehicle with other persons of the same household.  We have previously been advised that golf carts come under the definition of motor vehicles.  With the new Easing of Restrictions that come into force from midnight tonight, it has been stated that masks do not need to be worn outside unless social distancing cannot be adhered to.

Thus the logic of this is that masks must be worn by occupants who are sharing a cart, and only whilst in the cart, unless they are from the same household.


As the new easing of restrictions refers to pre-lockdown measures, please note that from 12.01am Saturday 1 May until the12.01am Saturday 8th May, the 75% capacity or 2sqm rule will apply to seated hospitality venues, when there will no longer be a requirement for venues to seat patrons consuming food/drinks (standing service will be permitted). It also means that a meal does not have to be served.  Clubs/facilities will still need to consider your capacity limitations, as per the rules prior to the recent lockdown.