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Broken Clubs (9th July 2015) – A look into Rule 4-3. Why the “how” matters when you break a club, and what your options are when a club is broken.

Embedded Ball (10th June 2015) – With winter comes rain, and with rain comes embedded balls. Covers Rule 25.2 and the meaning of the term “through the green” in the rules book.

Discontinued Play (19th May 2015) – Discusses the differences between suspension of play and immediate suspension of play, what a golfer is required to do in these circumstances, and the complications that come with suspending and restarting your round.

Bounce Back (9th April 2015) – Discusses the 2008 changes made to Rule 19-2 regarding a ball stopped or deflected while in motion and offers an infographic on the ruling when a ball hits you, your caddy, your opponent or another ball.

Stuck in a Bunker (27th March 2015) – A different look into Rule 28 (taking an unplayable) regarding a rules query we had on what a golfers options are when they are stuck in a bunker and can’t get out.

Wrong Ball (12th March 2015) – A reaction to three golfers hitting the wrong ball in a single day at the WA Amateur.

Natural Objects (6th February 2015) – Discusses the quirks of Rule 13-4, namely why you can remove a chocolate wrapper from a bunker but not a banana peel.

Ball Overhanging the Hole (15th January 2015) – Just how long can you wait on the green for a putt to drop? Rule 16-2 has the answer.

Ball Against Flagstick (28th November 2014) – Discussion on Rule 17-4 on what to do if you ball rest in limbo against the flagstick.

Groove Regulations (3rd October 2014) – Discussion Golf Australia’s announcement of Groove Regulations to be in play at the 2015 Australian Amateur.

Fairly Taking a Stance (5th September) – Discusses what is allowed when taking a stance when it could potentially improve your lie.

Ball thrown into Pond (25th July 2014) – One of golfs more amusing decisions regarding a ball thrown into a pond in anger.

Distance Measuring Devices (3rd July 2014) – Provides an update on Rule 14-3 regarding Distance Measuring Devices.