Information on this page changes frequently. New information supersedes anything prior relating to the same matter.

April 2, 2020

On March 30, a new Restrictions on Activities Direction (No 2)  was issued effective March 31, 2020, which revoked the previous Direction. Effectively the clause about playing as a single has been removed for any sporting activity and not replaced. A new Prohibited Gatherings Directive was also issued which replaced the old Mass Gatherings Directive.

Through the deletion of the above-mentioned clause and it not being replaced, the inference is now that any outdoor sporting activity can take place provided no more than 2 people participate (instead of one as per previous documentation), or larger if they are people who normally reside together, and provided social distancing regulations are met where there is at least 4 square metres of space for each person. This position has been confirmed by the State Government.

GolfWA advises clubs and golfing facilities that should they wish to stay open then they must adhere to the conditions stated above. Further information on these Directives can be obtained by visiting the WA health department website.

Please note that regardless of this change, our community responsibility should be our number one concern and GolfWA urges all golfing facilities to take this into account. Obvious measures to minimise the spread of Covid-19 should be implemented.


March 30, 2020

Clubs will have today received communication from Golf Australia recommending that all golf clubs and golf facilities close based on the Prime Minister’s announcement on Sunday evening, March 29.  Whilst GolfWA does not have the jurisdiction to force clubs and facilities to follow this recommendation, we strongly recommend you adopt it, particularly given that the PM’s announcement was built around “stay home unless it is essential to leave”.

The communication from Golf Australia clearly explains the rationale behind this recommendation and what is required from us as a sport, to help slow the spread of Covid-19.

Golf Australia Covid-19 club communication


March 27, 2020

GolfWA Chief Executive, Gary Thomas has released a statement addressing the Restriction of Activities Direction that was released yesterday. This is a constantly evolving situation and we will provide updates when we receive them.

Dear All,

Some may be aware of the documentation that came out on Wednesday, March 25 which were distributed to Local Government Authorities. Further, some golf clubs received the Restriction of Activities Direction document on Thursday, March 26 and this has obviously created concern and confusion. 

As a result of this documentation, I have been on the phone to both the Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries and WA Sports Federation to get clarity around this latest position.

My reading of the Emergency Management Act – Closure of Certain Places would say that non-community clubs (i.e private clubs) can still operate. Clearly reading the Activities Direction, golf cannot be played in groups of 2 or more, unless people normally reside together.

Thus after talking with DLGS&CI and WASF, our view is that affiliated clubs can continue to play at this stage abiding by the Activities Direction document conditions i.e playing as a single only unless you are playing with someone you normally reside with. Clearly social distancing rules must still apply and from what I hear you are all doing a fantastic job with this.


GolfWA has resolved to postpone the following events:-

  • Bowra & O’Dea Women’s Classic scheduled for March 22 – 25, to a date to be agreed.
  • Men’s Pennant Season due to commence on Sunday, March 22
  • State Senior Amateur Championship April 1 – 3
  • Men’s Senior Pennant Season due to commence on April 7
  • Women’s Pennants Season
  • Regional Seniors due to commence May 7
  • Aglime of Australia Rural Bronze due to commence on June 26
  • Women’s Provincial due to commence July 10 
  • Smarter than Smoking Junior Tour events up to May 31
    1. We will continue to monitor the progress of Covid-19, the recommendations and advice from Federal and WA State Authorities and also from Golf Australia. 
    2. We also note that several clubs to date have recently introduced member-only access and we assume that this number will grow. This will also be taken into account when deciding on the future of our fixtures.

We will work with all host clubs on rescheduling events at a later date in the year subject to the reports, updates and advice from the Australian Government’s Department of Health, the State Government’s Department of Health and Golf Australia (GA) regarding the COVID-19 virus. If you require additional information or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Golf Western Australia on 0477 775 193 or