This Sunday marked the midpoint in the 2019 Smarter Than Smoking GolfWA Junior Tour, with fifty-five youngsters enjoying golf in a fun, friendly environment. This is the sixth event of 2019, kindly hosted by some of the best courses in Western Australia.

GolfWA Game Development Coordinator, Billie Burvill shared the ethos behind the tour which commenced in 2012.

“The tour is a series of golf events throughout the year open to all children aged twelve or under. We focus on five very important core values.”

“The first is sportsmanship, playing fair and following the rules of golf. The children are encouraged to compliment fellow players and treat everyone with kindness.”

“The second is perseverance, always giving it your best effort and never giving up.”

A regular on the tour, seven-year-old Blake spoke confidently about the skills he has developed over the last few years.

“Golf is really fun, and I have learnt that if I have a bad shot or a bad day, I just need to walk away and focus on the making the next one a good one. It keeps me fit too walking up all the hills! I like these competitions as you get to go on lots of courses and I see my friends.”

The third core value is respect. All children are encouraged to be polite and show support to all participants, chaperones and supporters. 

“We are very grateful for the generous support offered by the host clubs, their staff and volunteers. Without them, our Healthway sponsor and the supporting parents we would not be able to run the Tour,” Billie noted.

Seven-year-old Jay has participated in the Tour for the last four years and is a regular on the medal podium.

Indra, Jay’s father noted, “What is great about this Tour is that it is regular and well-spaced throughout the year. There are also great participation levels and always lots of engagement between the parents and kids. It has been a terrific introduction into golf for Jay. He started as a five-hole Tiger Tee (no handicap required) and has moved into the Stroke and Stableford Competitions.”

The Tour consists of four divisions which have been developed to allow kids to grow, learn and enjoy the game. Entry is based on ability, not age, using modified rules and scoring to suit.

The fourth core value is honesty, being truthful about your score and actions. The final value of acceptance is very important to the team, making sure the children all understand that it’s okay to be different, and everyone should be able to enjoy the game together.

With a further six events planned for the remainder of 2019, GolfWA welcomes interested parents and kids to make contact and learn about The Smarter Than Smoking Tour. 

An exciting three day “South West Classic” is run during the July school holidays at Margaret River, Capel and Bunbury.

Details of future events and the tour can be found here.