Following our recent feature on GolfWA’s Number 1 ranked amateur male Hayden Hopewell, we got to thinking about the support people behind the athlete. This Mother’s Day, dedicated mum Samantha Hopewell shares her inner thoughts on what it’s like to be a golf mum.

There was a time not too long ago (and after 10 years of my son playing competitive golf on the junior circuit here in Western Australia) that I realised I had become an analytical round statistician, psychologist, nutritionist, manager, travel agent, philosopher and more recently a psychic!  

When I look back on how my son has grown as a golfer, I realise my efforts have been a small drop in the ocean that has served to complement his sacrifices and commitment to the game. 

My son’s efforts over the past 3,400 days (hey, who’s counting!) have resulted in Hayden earning the title of Elite Junior Golfer. But as his mum, I will take that extra big badge emblazoned with mum extraordinaire.

I was lucky enough to be passed the baton by some pretty amazing Elite Junior Golfing mums who forged the way before me. Clara Lee, Jodie Luck, Lynda Ferguson and Lynda Norris were always approachable as I would ask again and again, “how have you dealt with the highs and lows of tournaments?” 

“How do you pick up the pieces and keep moving forward?” The answer is almost always the same; as mums, we brush the failures off and celebrate the triumphs and keep encouraging our kids to be the best golfers they can be. 

We refer to ourselves as the behind-the-scene-queens yet it is Hayden’s talent and motivation that has created his success. Yes, I have become the one-line motivational coach too! 

Their bravery to jump hurdles in the hard times and show comradery during the championship times is our reward. We put on our fearless faces and remind them to ‘become who they are meant to be’.

After all, when the day is done and dusted and we are in the car driving home from the amazing performances that we witness almost every weekend, we remind ourselves they are still our children in this competitive world of golf. Who knows what card fate will deal them? 

In the meantime, I will continue to fulfil the role of any one of the eight professions listed above. Most importantly, I will play the most valued profession of all and that is just being Hayden’s proud and loving mum.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the golfing mums on the junior golfing road to success!

If you think your child would like to try golf, check out the link here. We’re sure Samantha would share her golf mum tips with you!