Imagine waking up every morning knowing that you had to look after an area the size of one of the biggest countries in the world.

That’s the situation GolfWA Regional Support Manager Matt Woods deals with every day as he provides support for every golf course north of the Brookton Highway.

To put that into perspective that’s an area about the size of Argentina – the eighth biggest country in the world – but it is a task that has invigorated Woods ever since taking on the newly-created role last July.

What might be an overwhelming long list of jobs for some is clearly a passion for Woods who enthralled ‘Inside The Ropes’ hosts Andy Maher, Mark Hayes and Martin Blakes with his tales from the bush ranging from indigenous golf, catering for FIFO workers and the hospitality of regional courses.

The conversation was highlighted by his story from Brookton Golf Club, located about 135 kilometres east of Perth, where indigenous players are encouraged to use the course.

“It’s always a priority to break down some of the barriers in sport,” Woods said.

“What I’ve seen in a place like Brookton, I was up there doing a Club Health meeting with those guys and there was about 10-15 indigenous guys playing around and having a game by themselves and enjoying it.

“They were saying: ‘Yeah we don’t even charge these guys, it’s their land and they come along’.

“They don’t even charge them a green fee to go around and play the course, which I think is fantastic at opening it up.

“Little things like that is something that is what regional clubs are all about and breaking down those barriers. It is really good to see and I’d like to see a lot more of it.”

Woods’ interview featured from the one hour and 14-minute mark of the podcast, which is embedded above, during which he also reveals his favourite tracks north of Perth and just whether he lost a coin toss with Barry Price – who covers far closer confines in the south of the state as GolfWA’s other Regional Support Manager, when decided who cover where.

Both Woods and Price do a power of work for golf in this state – servicing around 180 golf courses between them – and in Woods’ case quite often by correspondence given the large land mass he has to cover.

If your regional course would like to get in contact with either of Matt or Barry please contact GolfWA on 9367 2490 or via our email and they can provide their expertise to help grow your club in the local community.

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